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    Technical Papers: Enhancing the user experience


    IBC2023: In this session we explore how two important media technologies are being improved through user experimentation: on-demand audio-visual content usage and virtual human deaf signing.

  • Key considerations when launching an OTT content service

    Panel: Key considerations when launching an OTT content service


    IBC2022: Although the market is dominated by a handful of global giants, there are still opportunities for brands to launch services that serve relevant content to clearly defined audiences.

  • Testbirds demo

    Demo: Testbirds: Customer experience – No more guessing games


    IBC2022: “The customer is king” – not only when it comes to shopping, but also when it comes to developing innovative digital products. No one can give you better feedback than your customers themselves – why not ask them from the start? Understanding and engaging your target audience at an ...

  • Data activated-How Telefonica closed the loop to drive business impact

    Demo: Data activated: How Telefonica closed the loop to drive business impact


    IBC2022: Telefonica’s Head of Product Development showcases how they applied conversion rate optimisation through a data-driven approach, improving the Personalised User Experience of their viewers and identifying new monetisation tactics. This was achieved through ContentWise Data Insights, which assisted in creating a data driven approach in regards to how the ...

  • importance of user experience

    Panel: The importance of user experience


    IBC2022: User experience – UX – is fundamental to the success of any streaming service and has an impact in several areas. UX and quality of experience can be a point of differentiation in an increasingly competitive marketplace and can also have a significant role to play in driving growth ...

  • multi-service discovery at the centre of the viewer experience

    Putting multi-service discovery at the centre of viewer experience


    IBC2022: TV operators are best placed to deliver on the pressing viewer need to bring together broadcast and OTT viewing experiences. But bringing a unified view is next to impossible with so many TV sources to manage. This session looks at how a multinational TV operator working alongside a global ...

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    TELUS: Content-everywhere & digital life platform


    IBC2022: OPUS is the vanguard for TELUS’ transformation into a cloud-first, software engineering-driven organization. Built in the midst of a pandemic by teams working 100% remotely, OPUS serves as a foundational asset that will allow TELUS to rapidly deploy future capabilities that integrate Internet of Things, intelligent automation, health services, ...

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    Insights from streaming UX: How UKTV’s data-informed culture drives revenue opportunities


    IBC2022: As Netflix explores an ad-supported tier, the future of streaming appears to be shifting. On the other side, traditional broadcasters like UKTV, are looking at wider opportunities to generate revenue from their brands and content beyond TV and AVOD. In this session, hear from Piano and UKTV about how ...

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    Daily News

    Promax takes Atl@s to the world


    A 6GHz spectrum and signal analyser will be given its trade show debut at IBC2022. The Atl@s NG (Next Generation) includes the latest broadcast standards such as ATSC 3.0 or DVB-S2X along with DVB-T2/T/C2/C/S2/S/DSS. Promax claims the user interface, based on a multi-touch screen and customisable docking panels, ensures ease ...

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    Daily News

    3SS partners with ContentWise


    3 Screen Solutions (3SS) and ContentWise unveiled a new partnership that will see them make use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve the user experience through increased personalisation.

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    Industry Trends

    Creating and measuring a successful UX


    How can AI, big data and machine learning be used to help improve the user experience?

  • netflix mobile content
    Thought Leadership

    User experience: The 80-20 principle


    For designers, the priority should be giving an experience that meets users’ experience and needs ahead of ‘special attractions’, writes Ostmodern’s CEO and co-founder Tom Williams.

  • Videoland
    Industry Trends

    Spotlight on: UX designers


    IBC365 speaks with three user experience designers working for the BBC, RTE and BluTV on the challenges and changes to creating and evolving user interfaces for modern audiences.

  • Richard Lindsay Davies Index image

    Video: How important is a good UX?


    DTG chief executive Richard Lindsay-Davies speaks to IBC365 on the importance of good UX, opportunities and challenges. 

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    Industry Trends

    The importance of UX in OTT


    What is the point in offering thousands of hours of content if you can’t find where it is?

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    Industry Trends

    UX takes centre stage


    A seamless user experience has surpassed the belief ‘content is king’ with audience retention, engagement and discoverability critical for success.

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    Industry Trends

    Red Bull Media House’s mission to re-activate the senses


    Red Bull is using biometric data to transform the viewer experience. Chief innovation officer Andreas Gall explains how, and explains why he thinks audio is so important. 

  • Ben Lavender DAZN
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Ben Lavender, DAZN


    The creator of the BBC iPlayer and now DAZN’s chief product officer, Ben Lavender has led the design and development of the sports streaming service from start-up to launch in nine countries.

  • Jamestown sky original drama

    Sky invests in software tools developer You.i TV


    Sky investment as part of cross-platform UX drive

  • David Coruc France 24

    Video: How does France 24 make content easy to find?


    France 24’s David Couret tells IBC365 enriching its EPG data and curating the searchability of content is key to the best user experience.