StageTec-2   _IP-Nexus

Stage Tec highlights IP-based Nexus interconnections

2019-09-21T17:09:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The Nexus audio network was previously designed exclusively for networking using a proprietary fibre optic cable protocol.


4K encoder for live contributions new from Zycast


Professional broadcast equipment manufacturer ZyCast showcased a number of its latest solutions, including its 4K encoder, at IBC2019.

(L-R): Jasper Van Eif, Maartens Sound & Vision, Chris Hollebone, Merging, John Guntenaar, NEP, with the Merging Anubis

NEP invests in Merging Anubis

2019-09-17T15:58:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The technical management team at NEP has ordered 50 Merging Technologies Anubis audio interface desktop units, which the vendor refers to as the “Swiss army knife,” of audio.

Remote codecs can be controlled from any internet connection

Audio codec fleet control from Tieline

2019-09-17T15:58:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The Cloud Codec Controller software tool was shown at IBC last year, and now it has been released.

Kron Technologies Chronos 1.4 high-speed cameras

Hydraulic Press Channel invests in Kron Chronos 1.4


A total of 72 Kron Technologies Chronos 1.4 high-speed cameras were taken to Finland recently, where they were put through their paces by the Hydraulic Press Channel.

ETV Bharat uses using Aveco’s news automation solutions for all 24 of ETV’s OTT news channels.

India automation project lands Aveco an IBC award


Automation specialist Aveco celebrated its involvement in a project that won the Innovation, Content Everywhere category at the IBC2019 Awards on Sunday.

(L-R): Yves Morrier, EVS, Luc Antoine Charial, HBS, Ekta Hutton, Broadcast Academy, Ni-colas Bourdon,EVS, and Olivier Meaux Saint Marc, HBS

EVS X-One simulator enhances sports training

2019-09-17T15:49:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The Broadcast Academy, the training and legacy unit of host broadcast specialist HBS, has deployed a new live TV simulator based on EVS’ X-One unified live production system.

Jaume Miró in among the Brainstorm graphics on the Panasonic stand

Panasonic focuses on PTZ for AR and VR


Panasonic has partnered with 3D graphics specialist Brainstorm to develop PTZF (pan, tilt, zoom and focus) tracking data for its AW-UE150 camera to provide augmented reality content.

Jeromy Young with the Ninja V-equipped Panasonic and Nikon cameras

Atomos Ninja V exhibits its Raw power


Atomos has announced upgrades to its Ninja V recorder/monitor to handle Raw 6K and 4K video over HDMI from Panasonic’s Lumix S1H and Nikon’s Z7 or Z6 full-frame mirrorless cameras.

If you think that cyclorama looks RealGreen – it does…

VR given an added dose of Reality by Zero Density


Zero Density has introduced Reality Hub, a platform that integrates its Reality Engine virtual studio production system, with newsroom and MCR systems, studio automation, social media and any external data such as weather forecasts through its module host service.

Virtual: Glass LXE is studio-ready as a standalone UI into WheatNet-IP

Glass LXE standalone virtual console new from Wheatstone

2019-09-17T10:01:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

New at IBC is Wheatstone’s Glass LXE virtual console for its established WheatNet-IP audio network.

Getting a handle on things: (from left) Paul Nigro and Jaycee Indiviglio

IndiPro introduce BMPCC4K battery adaptor plate

2019-09-17T08:37:00+01:00By Elliot Herman

Power cables, battery adaptors and batteries are the heroes at the stand of IndiPro Tools, who are new to the IBC show this year.

BT Media-D5

BT: Once stable, 5G will be “superior to satellite”


At IBC2019, BT Sport has demonstrated what it claims to be Europe’s first multi-location 5G-enabled remote production.

The MS Swift’s bendability is useful for carrying

Swift Multi Slider new from Waterbird Systems


The new MS Swift is Waterbird’s latest bendable Multi Slider, this time designed for high-speed use.

The S500m launched earlier this year

SSL previews audio production platform developments

2019-09-16T17:22:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company is using IBC to preview ongoing developments across its System T broadcast audio production platform.

Choice: The product offers seven IP interface options

New module for Tieline wireless remotes

2019-09-16T17:22:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company has developed a new Dual Active SIM internal module for the ViA remote codec supporting two active cellular connections.

AoIP control, SIP connectivity and codec bandwidth optimisation remove barriers

Wheatstone showcases AoIP appliance for connecting studios

2019-09-16T17:21:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

New this IBC is an AoIP appliance that removes the barriers to seamlessly sharing studio operation and high-quality programming between facilities, sports venues, and other sites in separate locations.

ENG: The compressed air lens clearing system is now available for smaller cameras

Klover delivers Klear Shot - FP

2019-09-16T15:47:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

At IBC2018 Klover displayed a device called the Klear Shot, which uses compressed gas to blow rain and other debris from a camera lens without actually contacting the surface of the lens.

CEO Alan Hoggarth said Alto ARX ticks a lot of boxes at a reasonable cost for a small-er application

Disk Archive showcases Alto ARX

2019-09-16T15:00:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company is showing its Alto ARX, a standalone archive aimed at smaller workgroups or those taking their first step towards a proper enterprise workgroup.

Aperi CEO Joop Janssen reflects on the opportunities opened up by the firm’s new cash injection

Aperi hails new funding


Virtualised media production company Aperi is showcasing its latest innovations at IBC2019 in the wake of securing more than $10m in additional funding.

IQ Sports Producer now features multi-camera functionality features

Mobile Viewpoint enables enhanced sports coverage

2019-09-16T15:00:00+01:00By Anne Morris

IP contribution services specialist Mobile Viewpoint is showcasing new multi-camera functionality features for its IQ Sports Producer all-in-one production suite in Hall 14.

Seeder’s latest S260VR-2C-PT40 VR head

VR encoder head on show at Seeder


Seeder’s new S260VR-2C-PT40 is a virtual reality encoder head, with PT40 pedestal, that can carry up to 26kg, including teleprompter.

Transvideo’s 8in CinemonitorHD X-SBL SuperBright (up to 2500Nits) monitor

Aaton adds to monitor offering


Transvideo has added the StarliteUltra 7in monitor to its line up and upgraded others.

STV’s new HD OB and support vehicle built by TVC

STV’s new OB built by TVC


STV, one of three national TV channels in Belarus, has taken delivery of a new HD OB, plus a support vehicle, built by TVC and on show in the Outside Exhibit area at IBC.

Ashkenazi : ProtectMyApp truly changes how developers of all sizes can approach protection

Verimatrix focuses on ProtectMyApp


Designed to bring cost-effective mobile application security to developers, Verimatrix is showcasing its recently-announced ProtectMyApp.

Robotics on track for the stars

Vinten’s new FH-155 and FHR-155 heavy-duty pan-and-tilt heads


The new Vinten FH-155 is a robotic/manual pan-and-tilt head designed to support payloads of up to 70kg with accurate, smooth and quiet movements.

Full-screen 8K graphics from a single system using KarismaCG 8K

Real-time 8K 3D graphics with Visual Research’s Karisma


Visual Research has unveiled KarismaCG 8K, a real-time 3D graphics system that uses the entire 8K range - 16 times the resolution of HD.

The new CallMe-T USB interface for audio and keypad control

Vortex adds SmartStream to CallMe-T


The CallMe-T IP audio codec now has SmartStream multi-destination audio streaming providing a new way to connect IP audio.

wTVision demos integration from sports production to control rooms

wTVision demos integration from sports production to control rooms


Integrated workflows and the capacity to cover all the major software necessities of a broadcasting operation are the main themes on the wTVision stand. Demonstrations include its sports systems: sports scouting and on-air graphics controller (SportStats Suite) and virtual graphics (AR³ Football).

Great Atmos-phere: The main audio desk in the new Spiritland One

Megahertz supplies OB truck for Spiritland


Audio specialist Spiritland Productions has taken delivery of a new 18-tonne bespoke IP-based OB truck built by Megahertz and on show on its stand in Hall 12.

Miller Tripods’ new CiNX 7 caters for a wide range of payloads

CiNX cinema fluid heads launched by Miller


Available in three variations, the lightweight, durable fluid heads are feature packed to meet cinematographers’ needs at an affordable price.

The new Baselight Two HDR grading suite at Nebras Films

Nebras Films buys first Baselight Two in Saudi Arabia


Following the lifting of a 35-year ban on cinema in Saudi Arabia, Nebras Films has established the first full production and post facility in Riyadh.

Protection: Zhiyun’s Crane 3 Lab stabiliser and HPRC2600W case

HPRC2600W case designed to protect Crane 3 Lab gimbal


Any camera stabiliser owners who have Zhiyun’s flagship Crane 3 Lab gimbal might be interested in the new HPRC2600W case designed specifically for it.

The new 150mm T3.0 Macro is just the first Irix Cine lens

Irix releases first cine lens


The Swiss/Korean lens maker, Irix, has released its first cine lens: the Cine 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1.

Shotgun alternative: The smallest model provides a more focused pickup, a longer range, and is more wind resistant than a shotgun mic

Klover highlights parabolic mics

2019-09-16T13:13:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Parabolic microphones provide a great deal of amplification, or gain, when capturing audio from a great distance, explained Paul Terpstra, one of the founders of the company.

LiteGear’s new LiteMat Spectrum makes cinematic colour mixing simpler

LiteGear launches LiteMat Spectrum


The new LiteMat Spectrum offers an expanded Kelvin range with the ability to add accent colour through its patented colour mixing process.

Park life: Project Parking supports Avid’s new OP1A workflows

Latest version of Project Parking on show by Marquis


Marquis Broadcast’s Avid-certified Project Parking tool is an industry standard for Avid storage management and project portability, providing project analytics, visualisation and archiving.

Going swimmingly: Egripment’s G-Track system set up poolside

ARC Compensation hardware and software boosts Egripment telescoping crane


Egripment has introduced new ARC Compensation hardware and software for its Xtreme T10 telescoping crane, while its entire line of remote dolly systems now supports VR, AR and manual control.

Camgear’s Elite 20 EFP fluid head with carbon fibre tripod

Camgear sets tripods at ease with better counterbalance and fewer screw ups


Anyone working with tripod heads knows that counterbalance is vital to smooth operating.

Emmy-award winning camera operator Deena Sheldon using the Cartoni S200 with Magnum head at the Kentucky Derby

Cartoni Sport 200 tripod legs are set for sports


Cartoni’s new Sport 200 (S200) tripod legs are designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of sports and OB production.

Bob Boster: FreeSpeak Edge offers audio which is good enough to use on air

Clear-Com launches FreeSpeak Edge

2019-09-16T10:00:00+01:00By Elliot Herman

FreeSpeak Edge is the latest addition to the Clear-Com’s family of digital wireless intercom solutions.

John Driver: “copper can no longer cope”

Canford: Copper can’t cope

2019-09-16T09:56:00+01:00By Elliot Herman

Canford is renowned for, as product development manager John Driver told the IBC Daily, “providing the glue – the interconnectors which makes the equipment work”.

Jaume Miró in among the Brainstorm graphics on the Panasonic stand

New focus on PTZ for AR and VR from Panasonic


Panasonic has partnered with 3D graphics specialist Brainstorm to develop PTZF (pan, tilt, zoom and focus) tracking data for its AW-UE150 camera to provide augmented reality content.

Pixellot’s Alon Werber and NEP Group’s Reto Osterwalder shake on the new AI partnership

AI initiative for Swiss sports leagues


Body Copy: AI sports production technology specialist Pixellot and live sports production leader NEP Switzerland (part of the NEP Group) have confirmed a new partnership to bring AI production technology to multiple Swiss sports leagues.

(L-R): Yves Morrier, EVS, Luc Antoine Charial, HBS, Ekta Hutton, Broadcast Academy, Ni-colas Bourdon,EVS, and Olivier Meaux Saint Marc, HBS

X marks the spot for sports training

2019-09-16T09:40:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The Broadcast Academy, the training and legacy unit of host broadcast specialist HBS, has deployed a new live TV simulator based on EVS’ X-One unified live production system.

Telemetrics’ Sergio Penetra shows off the new RoboEye 2

Telemetrics launches RoboEye 2 and PT-CP-S5 robotic heads


Telemetrics has launched two new robotic heads at IBC.

DIGI EDITION PIC Hollywood Forum D4 (1) SR AM

The IBC Daily 2019: Day 4


Read the latest issue of the IBC Daily online now.

Panasonic’s Stefan Hoffman with the new 8K organic sensor camera

Panasonic 8K camera sensors target Tokyo Olympics


Panasonic is showing a new 8K camera based on organic sensor technology that it maintains is the future of camera sensors.

The HDCE-TX30 adapter transforms SDI cameras into IP cameras

Sony’s IP Live Production System expands

2019-09-16T07:51:00+01:00By Steve Fairclough

At IBC Sony is showcasing its latest line-up of IP Live production solutions, including two IP extension adapters – the HDCE-TX30 for cameras and the HDCE-RX30 for camera control units.

Peter Schut: “Our products are so reliable”

Axon Digital Cerebrum updated

2019-09-16T07:44:00+01:00By Elliot Herman

A new version of the Axon Digital Cerebrum Control and Monitoring system is being launched at IBC2019.

(L-R) Tijen Armagan, CEO, Zero Density, discusses the strategic partnership with Antti Lau-rila, global sales director, Broadcast Solutions

Zero Density partners with Broadcast Solutions

2019-09-16T07:44:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

More European broadcasters and content creators will have access to Zero Density’s virtual production with real-time VFX technology after the company entered into a strategic partnership with system integrations company Broadcast Solutions.

(L-R):Ben Murphy, Rene Heuber and Alan Henry with the LDX-86N camera

Biggest order yet for Grass Valley LDX-86N UHD cameras


ES Broadcast has bought 151 Grass Valley LDX-86N UHD cameras at the show, along with 15 Kahuna switchers, all of which will be used next Summer in Tokyo.

New lens maker aims for prime time

New 20mm and three 85mm f1.8 lenses from Viltrox


Viltrox, which makes LED lights, LCD monitors and lens adapters, has released its first prime lenses, for Sony FE-mount, Nikon Z-mount and Fuji X-mount cameras.

Control: Improved network predictability, reliability and performance is promised

Managing high traffic IP networks with SDNsquare

2019-09-15T17:24:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

At IBC2019 Belgian media IP-networking and storage company SDNsquare is showcasing its growing range of products for optimising the predictability, performance and management of high-traffic IP networks.

Hidden gem: Paintable cables and small size work their magic

Shure introduces TwinPlex mics

2019-09-15T17:24:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

TwinPlex is Shure’s new line of premium subminiature (5mm) omnidirectional lavalier and headset microphones that are designed to manage tough conditions.

The Vocas Five-Axis Diopter Holder

Making a pitch (roll and yaw) for diopter holders


The new Vocas Five-Axis Diopter Holder has been designed to take advantage of an increasing variety of diopters from manufacturers like Tiffen, and the many creative choices available.

For run-and-gun shooting grab a Go-Panel

Zylight’s launches Go-Panel with electronic Active Diffusion


For broadcast news and other run-and-gun shooting situations, Zylight has introduced the Go-Panel, a bi-colour 100W LED panel light with IP65 weather protection and Active Diffusion technology for electronic filter adjustments.

A 24mm Spirit Lab prime lens on a Sony camera

Spirit Lab extends full-frame prime family


Spirit Lab has added to its range of full-frame prime lenses with two new models: the 15mm and 100mm, which join its existing 24, 35, 50, 85 and 135mm lenses, with their distinctive purple banding.

Wooden Camera’s new Dual Director’s Monitor Cage V3

Director’s Monitor Cage redesigned


The Director’s Monitor Cage v3, from Wooden Camera, has been redesigned to be a third lighter, and is universally compatible with any monitor up to nine inches, attaching via mountings at the top, bottom or rear.

Rehoused: Neo Super Baltar, Leica Noctilux and Zeiss B Speed lenses

Bringing new style to old lenses


TLS, which specialises in rehousing old lenses to add modern functionality, has turned its attention to three additional lines of vintage-style lenses: Neo Super Baltars; Leica Noctilux; and Zeiss B Speeds.

Infrared LEDs tie objects to graphics for natural feel

Stype Follower is a leader for intelligent AR and VR


Stype’s new Follower is an AR/VR system aimed at bridging the gap between virtual graphics and people, in that it enables presenters and actors to interact with the graphics, and even take graphics in their hands and play with them as if they were real.

(L)Frédéric Brochard, CTO of France Télévisions, and Trevor Spielmann, head of sales – newsroom solutions for Scisys, celebrate the newsroom systems deal at IBC2019

France Télévisions commits to Scisys newsroom system


Scisys Media Solutions has been discussing the details of its recently announced deal with France Télévisions at IBC2019.

Both sides of Kvm-tec’s new media4Kconnect 4K DisplayPort 1.2 extender

Kvm-tec media4Kconnect extends DisplayPort over IP


The new Kvm-tec media4Kconnect extender is a 4K DisplayPort 1.2 extender over IP in fibre with a range of 300m at a resolution of up to 4096x2160@60Hz with colour coding at 4:4:4@8bit per colour.

R-J Huijsman and Adrien Sicart, co-founders of Tracis, with the scanner

Tracis, Vocas and Camalot collaborate on lens damage system


Silicon Valley start-up Tracis has partnered with manufacturer Vocas and Amsterdam rental house Camalot to develop an automated lens damage assessment system.

The new OuterLoop Bluetooth Intercom Beltpack with choice of headset sockets

JK Audio OuterLoop connects intercom to phones via Bluetooth


The new OuterLoop Bluetooth Intercom Beltpack is the latest in JK Audio’s range of broadcast wireless audio interfaces.

The new MS XL Multi Slider is ideal for PTZ cameras

Waterbird’s XL Multi Slider is heavyweight contender


Multi slider manufacturer Waterbird has brought out a studio version that can carry a payload of 15kg, such as PTZ cameras or professional film equipment.

The 10K115 multi-channel encoder is said to have latency of less than 100ms

Multi-channel encoder highlighted by Sumavision


On show on the Sumavision stand is the company’s 10K115 multi-channel encoder.

Christopher J Shaw, EVP for sales & marketing, Cobalt Digital with the 9971 multiviewer

Focus on HEVC for Cobalt Digital

2019-09-15T15:00:00+01:00By Elliot Herman

Earlier this year, Cobalt Digital was one of several companies to receive an Emmy Award for its collaborative work on ARQ, the underlying technology powering RIST (Reliable Internet Stream Transport).

On its rocker: GFM’s latest GF-Low Rocker mount with base plate

Grip factory updates GF-Slider


Grip Factory Munich has updated its GF-Slider system, with a new version of its GF-Low Rocker, which is designed for stable, low-level camera pan and tilt movements or rigging a solid camera mount for securing the camera in fixed positions (such as on a camera car).

GB Labs’s new Dynamic Bandwidth Control

GB Labs’ Dynamic Bandwidth Control gives priority to users


GB Labs has introduced Dynamic Bandwidth Control, which enables its storage clients to prioritise the use and capacity of available bandwidth, so that the entire system operates at peak performance at all times.

Two Varsa Bi-Color fixtures on location

Nila bi-colour LEDs offer Precision Colortune


Nila’s new Zaila Bi-Color and Varsa Bi-Color are the first professional LED fixtures to offer its Precision Colortune system.

The new Mini PAGlink MPL50G battery

Mini PAGlink MPL50G new for IBC


The new Mini PAGlink MPL50G provides the benefits of PAG’s established battery linking technology in a more compact, lightweight format.

Getting a handle on things: (from left) Paul Nigro and Jaycee Indiviglio

Indipro Tools reaches out to Europe

2019-09-15T11:00:00+01:00By Elliot Herman

Power cables, battery adaptors and batteries are the heroes at the stand of IndiPro Tools, who are new to the IBC show this year.

Rotolight founder Rod Gammons and CEO Rod Aaron Gammons with the new Titan X2

Titan shines brightly on Rotolight stand


The new Titan X2 LED soft light is claimed to be “the brightest 2x1 soft light ever made,” delivering up to “twice the output of comparable LED lights with none of the added weight”.

Peter Schut: “Our products are so reliable”

Axon adds to Cerebrum system

2019-09-15T09:18:00+01:00By Elliot Herman

A new version of the Axon Digital Cerebrum Control and Monitoring system is being launched at IBC2019.

Robert Morgan-Males and Rodrigo Thomaz of Audio-Technica Europe with the Honda Repsol bike of Marc Marquez, who’s currently leading the Moto GP series

Audio-Technica named as official mic services provider to MotoGP

2019-09-15T08:36:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The Japanese audio company has announced its appointment as official microphone services provider for MotoGP, the Grand Prix motorcycle racing Championship which holds 19 events at race circuits around the world every year.

The HDCE-TX30 adapter transforms SDI cameras into IP cameras

Sony’s IP Live Production System expands

2019-09-15T08:36:00+01:00By Steve Fairclough

At IBC Sony is showcasing its latest line-up of IP Live production solutions, including two IP extension adapters – the HDCE-TX30 for cameras and the HDCE-RX30 for camera control units.

Videomenthe’s Eolementhe media tool box includes a three-pane view option

Videomenthe enhances collaborative media system


Media processing specialist Videomenthe is using IBC2019 to present the latest features included in V6 of its Eolementhe collaborative media toolbox.

Grass Valley-D3

Compact Kula AV new from Grass Valley


Kula AV is a new multiformat all-in-one production switcher that mixes video and digital or analogue audio, includes full clip-store integration to graphics creation and editing, and provides multiviewer capability.

Canon’s Stephen Hart Dyke shows off the new CJ15ex4.3B lens

Wide-ranging UHD zoom lens launched by Canon


The new CJ15ex4.3B is a lightweight UHD ENG-style zoom lens boasting class-leading magnification and wide-angle focal length.

Looking Sharp: Cinegy’s Jan Weigner with the new 8K camera

Cinegy displays real-time 8K on display


Cinegy is showing real-time 8K video editing and display capabilities using the new Sharp 8M-B80AX1E 8K display, the first 80in 7680x4320 professional display to be mass produced.

Montanari in the spacious OBX gallery

‘Best OB truck in Europe’ among IBC’s outside exhibits


Anyone whose experience of OB trucks has been too little space, too many people, will be attracted to the biggest truck in IBC’s outside exhibits area, OBX, which has been built by Chromaline for Italy’s Videe.


The IBC Daily 2019: Day 3


Today’s issue of the IBC Daily is available to read online now.

Exalux’s new Ledzep LED light and Ledmaster Neo dimmer

Ledzep light Punches above its weight


The new Exalux Ledzep range of thin, robust and efficient LED lighting fixtures comes in two versions, and four sizes.

The Dominion KXIV-101 provides unblocked, out-of-band BIOS-level access

Raritan introduces new KVM-over-IP switch


First-time exhibitor Raritan is showcasing its Dominion KX IV-101 KVM-over-IP switch.

The AIO RX decoder converts live NDI streams for connection to baseband devices

Lower cost SDI into IP from Magewell

2019-09-14T15:12:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Three new models in Magewell’s Pro Convert family of standalone NDI hardware converters are making their European debut at IBC2019: the Pro Convert HDMI TX and Pro Convert SDI TX dedicated NDI encoders, and the Pro Convert AIO RX NDI decoder.

The compact new travelMate 360 camera case

camRade travelMate can pack it in


Three new bags have been added to camRade’s travelMate series, all of which have been designed to maintain compactness while offering enough space for camera accessories and a laptop.

LED line up: K5600’s new Alpha 300, ballasts, splitter and Joker 300

K5600 Joker joins the LED lighting pack


Over the last decade, K5600 held off the introduction of its own LEDs because output and quality did not meet its standards. Now they do.

AoIP refreshed: Marty Sacks, VP of sales, support and marketing at The Telos Alliance, announces the premiere

Sixth-gen AoIP console new from Telos

2019-09-14T15:00:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company introduced the Axia Quasar 6th-generation AoIP console. Marty Sacks, VP of sales, support and marketing at The Telos Alliance, said that Axia’s new flagship console draws upon Telos’ rich history in AoIP for broadcast, with more than 9700 AoIP consoles and more than 100,000 connected devices on-air worldwide.

The software takes out a lot of the manual work of network analysis and planning

Progira software enables simpler broadcast network planning

2019-09-14T14:02:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The established Progira plan software which enables users to plan, evaluate and optimise broadcast networks accurately, has been joined by Progira plan for Server.

Team building: Viz Engine 4 render creates easy-to-use augmented reality

Connecting Storytelling with AR and IP


Vizrt has introduced Viz Engine 4 for live media, the cornerstone render engine for its future media workflows.

Compact: The mixer is equally at home over-the-shoulder or in a mobile rig

High horsepower portable mixer-recorder new from Sound Devices

2019-09-14T13:11:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Scorpio, a 32-channel, 36-track portable mixer-recorder, is making its IBC debut and is the “most powerful product” so far designed by Sound Devices.

Postflux aids archiving, security, performance and sharing of Adobe projects

Marquis Postflux platform protects Premiere Pro projects


Postflux is a new platform that improves the archiving, versioning, integrity, security, performance and sharing of Adobe projects in extended workflows.

Big ten: multiple KVM cards can fit in a single 2RU chassis

Apantac KVM over IP for openGear

2019-09-14T12:57:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The new OG-KVM-IP-Tx card for the openGear chassis is on display.

ProRes Raw power: The new Atomos Neon 8K line up

8K ProRes Raw recording reaches Neon heights


The recently released Atomos Neon Cinema Series can now be upgraded to 8K with the new 8K Master Control Unit.

Presenters are rendered as a 3D element in InfinitySet

InfinitySet 3D integration is Unreal – with added Unity


Brainstorm has improved the integration of the Unreal Engine from Epic Games into InfinitySet, giving it “the best integration in the marketplace”, according to commercial director David Alexander.

Mirco Stalder from TPC with CyanView remote control on an SRF motorbike

4G remote camera control unveiled by CyanView

2019-09-14T12:56:00+01:00By Elliot Herman

The Cy-Stem range by CyanView is pushing the bounds of camera control to deliver compelling, engaging viewer experiences, according to the company.

Canon’s Paul Atkinson shows off the new C500 Mark II and accessories

Canon C500 Mark II on show


Canon’s new 5.9K full-frame Cinema EOS system camera, the C500 Mark II is on show at IBC.

Lens flair: Carey Duffy with Cooke’s new 40mm full-frame anamorphic

Consolidation for Cooke Optics


2019 is “a year of consolidation” for Cooke, according to its European director of sales, Carey Duffy.

Adam Fry, vice president of Sony Professional Solutions Europe, introduces the Sony press conference at IBC2019

Sony focuses on quality content creation

2019-09-14T10:38:00+01:00By Steve Fairclough

In a press conference early on the opening day of IBC2019, Sony reaffirmed its commitment to helping content creators to realise their visions and unveiled its flagship PXW-FX9 camcorder, which features a newly developed 6K full-frame sensor.