Spectra Logic Dalet-1

Spectra Logic and Dalet deliver certified end-to-end media management solution

2020-10-23T09:55:00+01:00By Jo Ruddock

Data storage and management solutions specialist Spectra Logic has announced a collaborative relationship with Dalet, a global leader in media workflows.


France Télévisions chooses WHATS’ON to manage linear and on demand

2020-10-21T11:05:00+01:00By Jo Ruddock

French public broadcaster France Télévisions has chosen WHATS’ON, the broadcast management system from Mediagenix, to replace its current BMS and manage all its linear channels and on-demand services in a unified process.


Lawo RƎLAY v4.2 software is ready for virtual machines

2020-10-20T14:23:00+01:00By Joanne Ruddock

With virtualisation a hot topic for broadcasters, Lawo has rolled out a new version of its RƎLAY virtual radio software suite that is optimised to run in virtual machines.


G&D opens high-tech showroom

2020-10-16T11:13:00+01:00By Jo Ruddock

KVM manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) has opened its new KVM showroom – KVM ControlCenter-Xperience (CCX) – for on-site use and demos via live steam.


AJA builds Bridge to support simplified streaming and contribution


AJA has unveiled Bridge Live, a new plug-and-play 1RU streaming gateway that simplifies moving UHD or multichannel HD uncompressed baseband SDI video to/from a wide range of streaming and contribution codecs (H.265, H.264, MPEG-2 and optionally JPEG 2000), including secure reliable transport with SRT over the public internet.


Sony boosts IP and cloud capacity with Nevion deal


Sony is acquiring Nevion, a specialist in virtualised media production systems, to enhance its ability to deliver end-to-end IP and cloud-based production systems for broadcasting and other applications.

Wohler-2 Chek TV1

Wohler helps CHEK-TV master a 5.1 upgrade

2020-09-28T09:46:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Employee-owned CHEK-TV in Vancouver, Canada, has deployed Wohler’s new iVAM1-1 as its in-rack monitoring solution for a recent master control upgrade.

Tger Tech-1

Tiger puts AI into Adobe Creative Cloud


Tiger Technology has introduced Media Bridge, its first fully-automated cloud workflow with augmented intelligence for applications that use the Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP).


Symply extends Workspace with built-in axle ai MAM


SymplyWorkspace, which is claimed to be the industry’s first StorNext 6-powered production storage, has been upgraded to include built-in axle ai 2020 media asset management, which should improve collaboration and enable more efficient media production.

Fraunhofer-1 Fößel Siegfried-0986-Glasow

Fraunhofer and NHK pilot 8K transmission over IP

2020-09-24T12:17:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The team for video coding at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) has successfully implemented a pilot project for the streaming of 8K video over IP, in cooperation with Japanese public broadcaster NHK.

Bluebell-1    BC785T

Bluebell Opticom signals control is on the cards

2020-09-24T12:09:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The new BC780 range from Bluebell Opticom consists of the BC780 Bidirectional control data interface, the BC785T Bidirectional control data interface with genlock transmitter sub card, and the BC785R Bidirectional control data interface with genlock receiver sub card.

PHABRIX-2 -QxL-2000px

Flexible UHD-25G rasteriser from Phabrix

2020-09-22T15:57:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Phabrix has announced that its QxL 25G IP rasteriser is now shipping. Launched in April this year, the QxL inherits all the JT-NM tested features of the Qx with a common look and feel across both platforms.


Post survey reveals three-quarters at least as productive working remotely


Video review and collaboration specialist Frame.io has surveyed its customers about working from home during the pandemic and found that from nearly 600 responses, most from people in post production, 73% said that they’re equally or more productive working remotely.

Tedial-2 Emilio L Zapata

Evolution set to manage capture for remote workflows

2020-09-14T09:59:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Tedial has announced that its Evolution MAM will now include a new version of its web-based HTML5 Capture Manager scheduling UI.

5 Limelight-2

Limelight adds serverless computing to edge platform


Limelight Networks has expanded its edge capabilities by launching EdgeFunctions, a new serverless compute service which allows developers to tap into the power of the company’s global network and gives them the flexibility to deploy and run their own code.

5 Black_Box-2    ControlBridge-KVM-Workflow

Fingertip room control from Black Box

2020-09-10T10:31:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

ControlBridge from Black Box is a complete multisystem and room control system for control rooms and building automation.

4 StreamLabs-1

Stream Labs puts HDR UHD in play


Stream Labs has updated several of its main products recently, including the release of VPlay5, which adds new functionality to its multichannel broadcast playout server for UHD channels.

5 Riedel-3    DisTag_DistanceMonitors-1

Riedel proves social distancing concept on-site

2020-09-09T10:34:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

An all-new distance monitoring device, the DisTag, is playing an essential role in Riedel Communications’ gradual resumption of on-site operations as employees of the Managed Technology Division return to work at the company’s headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany.

1 Limelight Networks- 1-MB- Limelight Developer central

Limelight Networks offers resource for developers and answers for consuming questions


Limelight Networks has introduced Developer Central, a resource centre that provides developers with tools to easily manage, monitor, and integrate Limelight services.

6 QvestMedia-1-DD-structuralnews-PIC

New identity for multi-cloud management platform


Qvest Media has announced that it has transferred its multi-cloud management platform, Qvest.Cloud, into its own organisational structure. The move has resulted in the creation of a new independent brand identity, qibb.

2 Collabora-1-AM-pic-MAN

Open source software meets Super Resolution


Software consulting firm Collabora has unveiled its work on a deep learning open source software product for Super Resolution scaling.


Post survey reveals three-quarters at least as productive working remotely


Video review and collaboration specialist Frame.io has surveyed its customers about working from home during the pandemic and found that from nearly 600 responses, most from people in post production, 73% said that they’re equally or more productive working remotely.


Primestream updates Media IO for remote workflows


Primestream has announced major updates to its Media IO application, which handles IP-based recording and playout. The latest Media IO Server and Media IO Desktop now offer expanded support for media ingest in cloud-hosted environments, as well as significant enhancements to performance and user experience.

Audinate-1 ddm_monitor_DashwAlert_3_0919

Audinate offers trial mastery of Dante domains

2020-09-02T09:11:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

New from Audinate is the availability of a free, downloadable trial for the company’s Dante Domain Manager, which secures Dante networks and provides organisational tools that allow Dante devices to be split into functionally independent groups (domains) that correspond to rooms, spaces or buildings for easier routing and security.


EBU plans a cookbook of disaster solutions


Having witnessed coronavirus lockdowns accelerate cloud adoption, the European Broadcast Union (EBU) has launched a project to create a ‘cookbook’ of architectural solutions. This is based partly on what was ‘technically impossible’ during the first European wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Elements Satellite offers remote editing without restrictions


The new Elements Satellite is designed to allow users to more easily access editing workstations remotely, with better responsiveness, frame rate and security.


Qligent provides new Vision


Qligent has released version 3.10 of its flagship Vision software for media monitoring and analysis. Running on the Linux CentOS platform, Vision v3.10 is said to enable full integration with Wasabi’s Cloud platform for agnostic video, audio, and data storage and retention.

Apantac-1 UE-4-II-K-beauty

Apantac releases more compact cascading multiviewers

2020-09-01T10:28:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Apantac has launched the second generation of its UE series of multiviewers enhanced cascading functions, which includes more compact (at almost half the depth) models that consume less power than before.

AVT-1 MAGIC ACX Front mit Display

AVT helping Dante go the distance

2020-09-01T09:04:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The Magic ACX Dante WAN Bridge from AVT is a new system intended to solve the problems that might occur when transmitting Dante signals over longer distances.

Merging-1  Anubis Display Close Up

Merging+Anubis SPS gains ST 2022-7 compliance

2020-09-01T09:01:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The Merging+Anubis SPS is now shipping with full ST 2022-7 compliance. The enhancements to the compact AD/DA interface were developed in a matter of months despite the additional challenge of sourcing components and dealing with global lockdowns in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DirectOut-1 do-084-prodigy-fw-update

DirectOut announces a prodigious Prodigy evolution

2020-08-28T09:47:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

DirectOut has greatly expanded the capabilities of its Prodigy Series with the release of new firmware for both the Prodigy.MC modular audio converter and the Prodigy.MP multifunction audio processor.

Optoway-1 SPE-2100vwg-Final

Optoway offers versatile coaxial transceiver module

2020-08-28T09:43:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The SPE-2100VWG series coaxial transceiver module from Optoway can transmit/receive serial digital signals such as those defined in ST2082, ST2081, ST424, ST292, and ST259, over 75ohms coaxial cables via HD-BNC connectors.


VSN upgrades to boost remote users’ productivity


Barcelona-based VSN will present new developments and functionalities for its media, traffic and planning management systems and new developments in remote editing for production and news at the upcoming IBC Showcase.


TAG adds adaptive monitoring to MCM-9000


TAG has announced that its MCM-9000 all-IP, all-software platform has been enhanced with the addition of an Adaptive Monitoring feature. Adaptive Monitoring is said to give operators even greater agility in optimising high-density probing and monitoring by enabling dynamic, automated, on-the-fly allocation of monitoring resources on a per-input-stream basis.

Stan moote (2)

IABM creates 125 virtual technical experiences


Looking to get the better of the pandemic and satiate the huge thirst for knowledge about monetising next generation technologies, IABM has given the industry a virtual school term.


Scheduling boost for Cirkus task management tool


farmerswife has announced an expansion of its Cirkus task management and collaboration tool to include scheduling capabilities.


G&D ControlCenter-IP gets new features


Guntermann & Drunk has announced that its ControlCenter-IP high performance matrix for KVM-over-IP now provides new features, making it even more secure and user-friendly.

AETA-1   RemoteAccess

Audio device control online

2020-08-21T09:03:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Remote Access Portal is an optional functionality from AETA Audio Systems, first announced at IBC2019, that now allows technicians to take control of all the parameters of a broadcaster’s codecs remotely.

Cobalt-2 CDI BBG-1300_small

Cobalt Digital in the frame for flight packs and tight spaces

2020-08-19T08:01:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The Cobalt Digital BBG-1300-FR is a small footprint frame optimised for flight packs or installations where real estate is at a premium.

Densitron-2 IDSaaS v2

Densitron turns IDS from CAPEX into OPEX

2020-08-13T15:32:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Densitron is now offering its Intelligent Display System (IDS) as a fully managed service. The GUI control software is used for information display, monitoring and management in the broadcast sector.


Telestream announces next generation of OTT stream monitoring


Telestream has brought together streaming and linear analytics under a single pane of glass with the integration of Sentry (from its merger with Tektronix) and Youbora (from a partnership with Nice People at Work) into its IQ Monitoring system.


Matrox Monarch gains Edge for remote integration


Matrox has released its new Monarch Edge 4K/multi-HD encoder and decoder, which is designed to enable next-level remote production (REMI) workflows.

Tedial-1 JulianFernandez_10.18jpg

Tedial promotes hybrid cloud architectures

2020-08-05T14:44:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

In a year where media entities are seeking new ways to manage content remotely, Tedial is using its social channels to propose the configuration of its products to create a seamless hybrid cloud environment.

Latakoo-1 Paul Adrian, latakoo CEO

AP and Latakoo partner up on tracking and delivery

2020-08-04T13:33:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The Associated Press (AP) ENPS news production system team has partnered with workflow developer Latakoo to enable assignment tracking and file delivery across both company platforms.

EcoDigital-1 DIVA_CORE_press

EcoDigital primed to simplify with Diva V8

2020-08-04T13:04:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

EcoDigital has launched the eighth generation of its Diva Software Suite, which is designed to optimise digital content storage management and simplify complex environments.

IBC2019 Lorenzo Zanni

IABM Trends report: No going back to the old ways


IABM’s prolific business intel unit has identified an accelerated rush to the cloud, triggered by the pandemic.


Mediagenix updates WHAT’SON for the cloud content era


Broadcast technology specialist Mediagenix has revealed details of the latest developments in its WHATS’ON broadcast management platform.


Caringo unleashes Swarm Cloud to cope with disaster recovery


Caringo has launched a new Swarm Cloud DR managed service, powered by Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

IRT harvey-front-800-2

IRT CLC algorithm has standalone device appeal


The widely welcomed advancements behind Continuous Loudness Control (CLC) are behind a new cooperation deal between IRT and German vendor DSPECIALISTS.

Screenshot 2020-07-22 at 15.22.53

DTG shows esports, the NBA and the NFL to be leading in sports innovation


The Digital Television Group (DTG) fielded a strong speaking team for its webcast ‘Live Sport: Are the Fans Driving Innovation?’ It was fronted by Andy Brember, commercial director, sport at Kantar.


Lawo mc²56 MkIII console deployed by RBA


The first S12T Streamline OB van for the African continent has been delivered to Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA).

Collins AL5A7854-copy

IABM to pack 200+ sessions into five online weeks


IABM has now taken its popular IBC Future Trends Theatre concept online as The Future Trends Channel.


Edgeware supports Finland’s DNA TV


Finnish cable operator DNA has picked Edgeware’s content processing platform, StreamBuilder, for the launch of its new IP-based DNA TV service.

Genelec-1    Aldila_PR_1

‘The crypt’ gains an acoustic afterlife with Genelec

2020-07-17T15:54:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Florence-based acoustic design specialist Studio Sound Service has recently completed the transformation of the personal studio of Italian film composer Federico De Robertis.


Lawo radio products receive software boost


Lawo has released new software with additional options, functionality and security features for its line of radio mixing consoles, RAVENNA/AES67 mixing engines, and VisTool GUI Builder software.

net insight-4-im-pic-man

Resource management SaaS system launched by Net Insight


ScheduALL, part of Net Insight, has released the SaaS solution, ScheduALL Evolution, for resource management and crewing.


Sencore announces new ATSC 3.0 receiver decoders


Sencore’s new ARD 3000 series of ATSC 3.0 receiver decoders is designed to enable users to decode one channel (ARD 3100) or four channels (ARD 3400) in a 1RU platform.


M2A Media helps brings BritBox to Canada


Cloud-based video software specialist M2A Media is supporting the expansion of the BritBox SVOD streaming service in Canada via Amazon Prime Video.

Broadcast Solutions-2 JP_Delport_BS

Delport to head UK Broadcast Solutions office

2020-07-09T15:39:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

JP Delport has been appointed managing director of Broadcast Solutions UK, a subsidiary of German systems integrator Broadcast Solutions.


Mediapro Argentina chooses Lawo for IP upgrade


Mediapro Argentina has turned to Lawo for a comprehensive technical upgrade of its facilities.


MEDIAGENIX signs up to UN CSR scheme


Broadcast management technology company MEDIAGENIX has announced that it has signed the United Nations Global Compact intiative.

Vela-1 July

Vela views compliance moving forward

2020-07-09T11:20:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

New features in Vela’s Encompass and Luna Smart Loggers have driven extensive uptake of the compliance, monitoring, capturing, logging, and multiviewer products in the company’s home market.


Norway’s TV 2 Sumo picks Edgeware’s StreamPilot


StreamPilot is going into live production with TV 2 Sumo.

The DPP-6-GJ-Mark Harrison DPP

DPP to create Covid-19 recovery six-pack for media companies


The DPP has followed a rush of pandemic time reports and web events with a major research project entitled Design for Tomorrow.


OpenDrives scales-up performance with scale-out NAS architecture


Network-attached-storage specialist OpenDrives has introduced a storage system designed “to enable users to scale up in multiple dimensions while preserving ultra-high performance, super-low latency and intelligent data integrity”.


AJA plugs into new 12G-SDI mini-converters


AJA Video Systems has expanded its range of portable 12G-SDI mini-converters, with new models that extend fibre connectivity to simplify the transfer of 12G-SDI over long distances (up to 10km) via a single optical cable with lockable ST connectors.


Amazon announces ML-driven media analysis features


Amazon Rekognition Video is a machine learning (ML) based service that can analyse videos to detect objects, people, faces, text, scenes, and activities, as well as detect any inappropriate content.


Sencore launches signal collection platform


Sencore has announced the SCP 2100, which it describes as a cost-effective and easy to deploy device for acquiring, compressing and backhauling nearly any video signal across the internet.


Telestream launches Lightspeed Live Capture C2


Telestream has introduced Lightspeed Live Capture C2, a dual-channel ingest system that it claims “provides unbeatable value”, combining lowest cost access to capture plus Vantage media processing.

The DPP-5-GJ-PIC- Brandt

DPP roundtable: people, planet and profit


During the DPP webinar ‘Can We Build Back Greener?’, Google’s sustainability officer stated that this is “the critical decade” for mankind’s de-carbonisation efforts, while a leading academic advocated employee activism as a key lever towards sustainability.

The DPP-4-GJ-PIC-fionaball-sep19

DPP roundtable: ‘in terms of climate, we haven’t got years’


The DPP webinar Can We Build Back Greener? showed a strange link between sustainability and the pandemic.


Farmerswife improves integration with Cirkus


Media industry project scheduling technology developer farmerswife has announced that the latest version of its eponymously-named tool, farmerswife 6.6, offers improved integration with sister product Cirkus.


Sencore provides measured response to latest broadcast standards


Sencore has launched an ultra-portable ATSC 3.0 handheld signal level meter, the SLM 1530. It is said by the company to be the first of its kind and the perfect solution for broadcast professionals testing ATSC 3.0 equipment and installations.

Focusrite-1  ISA-828-MkII_Front_wCable

Focusrite adds AoIP to the mix with Dante compatibility

2020-06-08T15:52:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Focusrite has announced three new Dante-friendly products in its ISA (Input Signal Amplifier) range.

EVS-1     LSM-VIA_operator

EVS redesigns LSM operator experience

2020-06-08T08:20:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

EVS has launched its LSM-VIA system, which is based on its ubiquitous LSM live slow motion control panel.


G&D announces RemoteAccess-CPU for KVM


Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) has launched the RemoteAccess-CPU, designed to allow operators to seamlessly integrate virtual machines into KVM installations to create hybrid infrastructures.


Time’s team goes Primestream for MAM scheme


Time USA has chosen Primestream systems to provide a comprehensive, integrated media asset management and workflow management infrastructure for its Bryant Park video production facility in New York City.

Bruce Devlin_D2_MrMXF_2331

SMPTE revisions sharpen the values of IMF


Looking to trigger a wider adoption of the Interoperable Master Format (IMF), SMPTE has boosted its ST 2067 standard with a set of key changes that came out of IMF plug-fest and user inputs.


EditShare and Adobe go with the Flow for improved workflow management


EditShare and Adobe have announced they are working together to enable remote production and group editing workflows.


Primestream’s Xchange Media Cloud brings continuity to remote working


Primestream has introduced Xchange Media Cloud — a completely cloud-based version of its Xchange media asset management platform.

Enco-1      thumbnail_enCaption monitor 5

Enco pulls out all the stops to deliver advanced punctuation

2020-05-27T14:23:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Enco Systems has introduced new features and improvements in its enCaption automated captioning and subtitling system.


Lawo responds to pandemic with remote monitoring


Lawo, actively working to help customers develop innovative technical workflows to keep operations running during lockdown, has announced that Caracol is using its remote solutions and online communication software.

digital nirvana-1-im-pic-man

Digital Nirvana aims for metadata creation bliss with MetadatorIQ


Digital Nirvana has introduced MetadatorIQ, the latest generation of the company’s platform for automating metadata creation in preproduction, production, and live content workflows.


Synamedia expands video network portfolio


Video software provider Synamedia has added three new products to its video network software portfolio.


M2A Media launches M2A Connect console


Cloud-based video software specialist M2A Media has announced the launch of M2A Connect.


Telestream’s Aurora helps judge China’s Golden Sail Awards


Telestream’s Aurora system helped cut judging time from several weeks to just a week at China’s Golden Sail Awards.


Norigin Media and Edgeware to collaborate on OTT testing


Video streaming specialists Norigin Media are Edgeare have announced they are set to collaborate in the field of quality assurance for over-the-top (OTT) video streams.

TSL-1 Products_Audio Updates_Loudness Mode

TSL shifts R&D focus to remotes

2020-05-18T14:13:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

TSL Products has altered its R&D roadmap for the short term in response to specific customer requirements.


Bridge shows power of IP-based media monitoring system


Working with technology collaborator Appear TV, Bridge Technologies has demonstrated what it says is the value and robustness of its Integrated Services Monitoring (ISM) approach.

Thomas Bause Mason, SMPTE, 2019 3x2

SMPTE aims to resolve missing media capabilities of IP


Without SMPTE ST 2110 and AMWA NMOS the anticipated progress of the plug and play IP (PnP) era would have stalled in ugly fashion.

profile image

VisualOn aims to resolve OTT pain points with Remote Lab


VisualOn has launched VisualOn Remote Lab.

Mellanox-1     Plazamedia_01

Logic sees sense in partnership with Mellanox

2020-05-11T10:50:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Mellanox Technologies has announced that Logic media solutions has become the first company out of the professional media domain in Germany to become a ‘Premier Partner.’

Riedel-2    MediorNet

Riedel advances MediorNet platform with new releases

2020-05-11T10:46:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Riedel Communications has announced a significant expansion of its MediorNet family of video networking devices.


EEG Video adds new features for captioning


EEG Video has announced two key new features, Grouping Mode and Unicode Support, for its closed caption encoders, including the HD492 iCap encoder for live broadcasting, EN537 caption encoder and 1430 Non-iCap openGear closed captioning card.


Marquis Broadcast updates to ensure business-critical integration


Marquis Broadcast has expanded its range of integration services, and upgraded its systems to cope with complex workflows around third-party products.

Wohler-1 iVAM-1

Wohler offers compact and budget monitoring

2020-05-06T11:54:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Wohler has launched what it describes as a “budget-friendly” 16 channel audio/video monitor.


Remote demands prompt early release of Frame.io Transfer


Video review and collaboration specialist Frame.io has launched Frame.io v3.6 and a new application, Frame.io Transfer, now available in beta.


Telestream automates IMF package creation and enhances IP and cloud monitoring


Telestream has released a new IMF Producer as part of its Vantage Media Processing Platform to automate IMF package creation from Adobe Premiere Pro.


Zixi and VideoFlow join together for DVG


Video-over-IP network distribution specialists Zixi and VideoFlow have revealed they are working together to ensure interoperability between vendor deployments on a worldwide basis.

MediaKind-1-MB-Pic-Stuart Boorn headshot

MediaKind unveils Aquila Broadcast for transition to all-IP media delivery


MediaKind has launched Aquila Broadcast, supporting broadcasters and operators who want to transition towards all-IP workflows and the cloud.

Torque Video Systems-1

Torque Pelican aims to make a splash in transcoding market


Torque Video Systems has released a scalable mass transcoding platform – the Torque Pelican.

(1) G&D-1-MB-Pic-MAN  DP1.2-VisionXG-MC4-System

G&D connects to KVM broadcast trends


Guntermann & Drunck is addressing what it says are the latest KVM trends for broadcast professionals with a range of products.

Imagine Communications-1-production studio

Texas A&M hits IP goal with Imagine Communications


The Selenio Network Processor from Imagine Communications has proved to be the cornerstone to ST 2110 IP connectivity for 12th Man Productions, the sports broadcast and post facility for Texas A&M University.

Mark Harrison DPP

The DPP reports on the business-critical aspects of change


Essential reading during (and influenced by) the Covid-19 pandemic might be the DPP’s Next Gen Supply Chain report.

Lynx-1    OTX_1A41-ORX_1A41_promo

Lynx Technik lines up long distance 8K

2020-04-28T10:33:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The Lynx Technik yellobrik model OTR 1A41 8K fibre transmission system is designed for transporting real-time, uncompressed 8K content (up to 48G) over long distances with zero signal degradation or loss.


Synamedia appoints Nick Thexton as CTO


Video software provider Synamedia has appointed Nick Thexton as its chief technology officer (CTO), replacing Alok Gera who has moved to the position of senior vice president and general manager, North America.


V-Nova collaborates with AWS on contribution solution


Video compression specialist V-Nova is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer a contribution solution based on SMPTE VC-6 that provides a new option for broadcasters and producers worldwide.

IBC2019 Lorenzo Zanni

IABM: making the best of an external shock


The IABM’s Business Intelligence Unit has published a timely and detailed report covering the various impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the media entertainment industry.

Actus Digital-1

Actus Digital ramps up all-in-one media platform


Actus Digital’s mandatory compliance systems have extended to become part of a much larger media intelligence platform, providing cross-organisational benefits to the operations, marketing and research, and new media departments of broadcasters and media companies.

Studio Technologies-1

AoIP and analogue multichannel monitoring from Studio Technologies

2020-04-22T09:20:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Studio Technologies has launched the Model 792 Central Controller with Model 793 Control Console for Audio-over-IP-enabled multichannel monitoring.

MediaKind-1-MB-Pic-Stuart Boorn headshot

MediaKind boosts Prisma with modules for monetisation and more


MediaKind has announced that its advertising and content distribution rights portfolio, Prisma, has been reconfigured with a new flexible, modular feature set.


AWS Elemental Link offers live cloud video in a box


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced AWS Elemental Link, a compact device to support multiple applications in live video environments and contribute high-quality video into the cloud.

Riedel-1     RTL Croatia MultiViewer

Riedel helps RTL Croatia to modernise network and comms

2020-04-20T11:22:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

RTL Croatia has tapped Riedel Communications’ MediorNet real-time network and Artist digital matrix intercom for its comprehensive studio upgrade to HD operations.

Red Bee Media-1-AM-pic-MAN

Red Bee Media joins Dutch Data Centre Association


Media services provider Red Bee Media is joining the Dutch Data Centre Association (DDA). The company owns and operates the Media Gateway data centre in Hilversum, which provides colocation and connectivity services.


SmartLabs wins new deals in Brazil and the Maldives


SmartLabs, which develops service delivery platforms for interactive digital television, said it has expanded its footprint in the Latin American and Asia-Pacific regions.


Covid-19 tests resolve of JT-NM


One of the multiple media events lost to Covid-19 was the Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM) group’s five-day face-to-face in Houston, where vendor participants were due to complete the third IP-focussed Tested event.

Pat Griffis headshot

SMPTE steps up with virtual learning


SMPTE president Patrick Griffis has given the society’s 7,000 members an “easier and less expensive” means for keeping in touch with key technologies and new skills opportunities during the Covid-19 crisis.

isize-1      6-92

Pre-coding leads the way for iSize video optimiser

2020-04-16T09:11:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Following the launch of BitSave at IBC last year, iSize has announced that BitSave v.2 is now available.


Signiant teams with Object Matrix for content anywhere



Mobile Viewpoint-1-AM-pic-MAN

Mobile Viewpoint responds to Covid-19 challenge with Trolly Live


Mobile Viewpoint-1-AM-pic-MAN

Net Insight-1-MB-MAN_UlrikRohne

Net Insight joins Zixi Enabled Network


To strengthen its offering and to better serve existing and new customers with interoperable content acquisition workflow solutions, Net Insight has announced today that it is joining the Zixi Enabled Network.

Cobalt-1     CDI_RM Routers Grouping 9942-RTR smaller

Cobalt supports 12G with card-based routers

2020-04-14T09:38:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Cobalt Digital’s new product range compatible with openGear includes a card-based router series designed to substantially increase flexibility.

Sofia Digital-1-AM-pic-MAN

Finnish National Operator picks Sofia Backstage Studio


Finnish National Opera and Ballet (FNOB) is using Sofia Backstage Studio from Sofia Digital for the recording, management and playout of its video assets.

Phabrix-1      QxL_PR_2020

Phabrix launches IP rasteriser with SDI options

2020-04-07T12:13:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Phabrix has launched its QxL compact, flexible 25G IP rasteriser to address the needs of broadcast media IP networks.

TAG Video Systems-1-MB

TAG tackles broadcasting challenges with Zer0 Friction strategy


TAG Video Systems is reassuring broadcasters that its global operations are uninterrupted during the current period of heightened news and media consumption, and in fact strengthened by the company’s Zer0 Friction business strategy.

Barnfind-1    BTF1-41

Barnfind goes the distance for emerging formats

2020-04-07T08:47:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Barnfind’s new product helps engineering and production pros overcome distance limitations.


Sinclair Broadcast Group picks Qligent Vision


Qligent announces that Sinclair Broadcast Group will deploy its Qligent Vision monitoring and analysis software.


Edgeware adds AutoPilot to StreamPilot


Edgeware has added an AutoPilot feature to its StreamPilot product in order to bring automated optimisation features to the multi-CDN control platform.

AWS-1-MB- Amazon HQ Spheres 2_0

AWS deploys Amazon Detective to investigate cloud security


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the general availability of Amazon Detective, a new security service that makes it easy for customers of the cloud platform to conduct faster and more efficient investigations into security issues across their AWS workloads.


Wowza and Fastly partner to improve live content delivery


Wowza Media Systems has integrated its video streaming product with the edge cloud platform from Fastly.


Epiphan launches LiveScrypt transcription service


Epiphan Video launches LiveScrypt as a live transcription service.

AdderLink-1-Infinity 3000-PIC-MAN

AdderLink Infinity 3000 takes real-time control of virtual machines


Adder Technology’s latest IP KVM system, the AdderLink Infinity 3000 is the first in its range to allow control over virtual machines.

Avid European Championships

Live graphics: Delivering differentiation


Ensuring that broadcast graphics remain effective and consistent is no small feat in the era of OTT services and Augmented Reality, writes David Davies.

EBU-1- pic

5G-MAG promises a multicast layer cake


IBC’s rich history as a launch pad for major industry initiatives takes another giant step today with the official launch of the 5G Media Action Group.

(L-R) Eirik Nakken, director of technology for NEP Norway, and Jarle Felin, VP of Northern European operations for Lawo

NEP Norway taps Lawo for core upgrade

2019-09-17T15:58:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

NEP Norway will be using Lawo as equipment provider as it replaces the baseband video and audio infrastructure of its Oslo Broadcast Centre’s master control room.

Atto’s Tim Klein shows off the new ThunderLink adapter

Facilis and Atto unite on Thunderbolt


Atto and Facilis have partnered to integrate Atto’s ThunderLink NS 3252 Thunderbolt 3 to 25GbE adapters within the new Facilis Hub shared storage platform.

Si: The company said YES can handle IP-based workflows, SDI or hybrid

YES: SI Media presents real virtualised platform

2019-09-17T12:59:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company is presenting YES, a brand new Windows or Linux web-based suite.

Capable: The new module can manage several different PTP applications

Handling PTP signals with Plura

2019-09-17T12:53:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company has added capabilities to the new C3 IEEE 1588-2008 PTP V2 module, which is part of the integrated Rubidium modular system family.

Sam Orton-Jay of V-Nova at IBC, revealing that P+ will support a new MVMO streaming service in Africa

V-Nova partners with Aviwest, Simplestream


Video compression software specialist V-Nova unveiled a couple of new partnerships to coincide with IBC2019, including a new agreement with video contribution systems provider Aviwest.

Ingest, editing, automated news creation, playout, archiving and more are supported

Perspectiva promotes Russian equipment

2019-09-17T10:50:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The organisation is attending IBC2019 in its role as a promoter of Russian-made equipment.

Validation, correction and editing of recorded material takes one step

jobDB and mediaARC new from NOA

2019-09-17T09:31:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The QualityChecker for jobDB and mediARC is on showcase.

Full: Remote control and monitoring at all sites is possible

ROWATCHNeo on show at Promax Electronica stand

2019-09-17T08:56:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The PROWATCHNeo is a monitoring system oriented to supervise radio and TV broadcasting, cable TV and satellite TV networks in the 5 to 2500MHz frequency band.


The IBC Daily 2019: Day 5


The final edition of the IBC Daily 2019 is available to read now.

Sports: The new replay controller is designed for use with sports of all levels

X-keys XKE-64 USB controller revealed

2019-09-17T07:10:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

A new X-keys USB controller designed specifically for instant replay has been released.

The product can analyse a range of video formats, along with DAB

Promax Electronica highlights RANGERNeo 4 reference monitor

2019-09-17T07:04:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

On showcase from Promax Electronica S.L. is the RANGERNeo 4 reference monitor.

Nugen’s Netflix-compliant products have been popular

Netflix-ready loudness toolkit from Nugen

2019-09-16T16:44:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company’s Netflix compliance is on showcase.

Provys marketing director Martin Junek introduces the newly rebranded Provys Everywhere software

New-look for Provys broadcast management software


Broadcast management software specialist Provys has announced a new look to its product range with four packages aimed at different tiers and levels of requirement.

Automation across the workflow is integral to the new Amagi monitoring facility in India

Amagi opens massive broadcast monitoring facility


A new broadcast monitoring facility in New Delhi, India, has been opened by Amagi.

Audio files can be turned in to timed text in as many 122 languages

Speechmatics agrees partnership with Limecraft

2019-09-16T14:29:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company has announced a partnership with cloud-based video production workflow provider Limecraft to allow producers and distributors to create closed captions and translated subtitles more economically.

Search and you shall find: Vidrovr is now on LogServer

Mediaproxy LogServer enhanced with Vidrovr video search


Mediaproxy has integrated the Vidrovr enterprise video search platform into its LogServer IP-based logging, monitoring and analysis software.

Atto’s Tim Klein shows off the new ThunderLink adapter

ThunderLink adds to Hub connectivity


Atto and Facilis have partnered to integrate Atto’s ThunderLink NS 3252 Thunderbolt 3 to 25GbE adapters within the new Facilis Hub shared storage platform.

DIGI EDITION PIC Hollywood Forum D4 (1) SR AM

The IBC Daily 2019: Day 4


Read the latest issue of the IBC Daily online now.

Ceccherini: “We have multiple solutions oriented to the telecom and broadcaster media domain”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise engages the audience

2019-09-16T07:53:00+01:00By Steve Fairclough

The Media Workflow Manager is a keystone of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) stand this year.

LTN’s Khan (left) and Make.TV’s Jacobi join forces at IBC

Make.TV and LTN enjoy symbiotic relationship


Malik Khan, CEO of LTN Global, and Andreas Jacobi, CEO of Make.TV, are presenting a united front in Hall 14 following LTN’s acquisition of the Cologne-based company, which took place only days before IBC2019 opened its doors.

Feel the buzz: Red Bee’s Stephen Penny is with Ben Leaver, Pixit Media’s CEO

Red Bee picks PixStor for secure storage


Red Bee Media has sealed a strategic partnership with Pixit Media at IBC to deliver high-performance storage with secure data segregation for international managed playout services.

Erik Hauters in front of a Tinkerlist demonstration

Tinkerlist platform demoed

2019-09-16T07:45:00+01:00By Elliot Herman

Scripting and programme planning is made easier with the Tinkerlist online platform, which is being demonstrated on one corner of the Belgian company’s stand this year.

Speechmatics said it had developed the first scaled-up punctuation model on the market

Speechmatics develops Advanced Punctuation

2019-09-15T15:57:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company has developed Advanced Punctuation, delivering highly accurate placement of full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks and enhancing capitalisation, transforming blocks of text into legible, comprehensible sentences.

Bridging the gap between tape and cloud

Bridging the gap between tape and cloud


Cloud storage and data management specialist, Tiger Technology, is demonstrating how its systems can help customers migrate legacy archive content from tape to cloud or hybrid cloud systems, particularly using Amazon Web Services.

Card sharp: Dell Technologies’ resident magician amuses Alex Timbs

Dell delivers Clarity to the storage market


Helping to add structure to unstructured data is one of the most important things storage management can offer, according to Alex Timbs, Dell Technologies’ senior business development manager for M&E.

Searching via the spoken word

Trint Player: Upping online video discoverability

2019-09-15T14:14:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Automated transcription services provider Trint is showcasing its Trint Player at IBC, just a few months after it was first unveiled.

(L-R): Red Bee Media’s Margaret Davies, David Travis and Steve Nylund after the live TV event at IBC

Remote control goes OTT


Ericsson-owned Red Bee Media went to some lengths to demonstrate its end-to-end managed services capabilities across the content chain during IBC2019: the company organised its own football match in London and broadcast it live to attendees at its stand in Hall 14.

Telestream’s Alistair Butler with Kevin Khoo (head of APAC sales)

Chunghwa Telecom seeks Vantage point for 4K


Taiwan’s leading commercial broadcaster Chunghwa Telecom has signed a deal with Telestream for QoE assurance and 4K media processing requirements.

Net effect: Oliver Gappa with the SpycerNode Ethernet storage

Ethernet overtakes Fibre Channel for media storage


High-speed Ethernet is rapidly replacing Fibre Channel for media storage, according to Rohde & Schwarz.

Enjoying a Kumulative effect: Masstech’s George Kilpatrick

Masstech launches Kumulate for streamlined storage management


Kumulate is a new intelligent storage and asset lifecycle management platform that promises media and entertainment users a route through the many industry transitions in storage, media and workflow.


The IBC Daily 2019: Day 3


Today’s issue of the IBC Daily is available to read online now.

The product seeks to lessen the hours that are spent distributing content

Synq Media: Automating and optimising distribution

2019-09-14T15:13:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company is showing its software, which aims to help content providers automate and optimise the process of transferring their video assets and metadata to distributors.

The COR screen contains a matrix which makes it simple to to set up I/O

New output routing option for iAM from Wohler

2019-09-14T15:10:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company is showcasing a new output routing option for its iAM-Mix products.

Telestream’s Alistair Butler with Kevin Khoo (head of APAC sales)

Chunghwa Telecom seeks Vantage point for 4K


Taiwan’s leading commercial broadcaster Chunghwa Telecom has signed a deal with Telestream for QoE assurance and 4K media processing requirements.

An actual in-house digitisation factory can be found on stand

Noa demonstrates benefits of in-house digitisation

2019-09-14T14:01:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

At IBC2019 the company is encouraging visitors to gain some first-hand experience on what industrial digitisation entails: The company has brought an in-house digitisation factory to its stand.

Flow: Aristo allows tasks to be virtually wired together to create processing pipelines

On-Hertz ups the audio workflow

2019-09-14T13:23:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Virtual audio specialist On-Hertz is using IBC2019 to launch its Artisto software audio engine, which is designed to automate sound workflows.

Search and you shall find: Vidrovr is now on LogServer

Mediaproxy LogServer enhanced with Vidrovr video search


Mediaproxy has integrated the Vidrovr enterprise video search platform into its LogServer IP-based logging, monitoring and analysis software.

On schedule, but not on dedicated equipment: MAM4Pro’s media scheduler

MAM4Pro virtually offers performance bonus


MAM4Pro is an enterprise system for managing and executing all media operations - record, ingest, play, stream, encode, transcode and decode – in a professional production and post-production ecosystem, without the need for dedicated equipment.

The product targets educational and other organisations beyond media

Cloud-native media recording from Insys

2019-09-14T07:44:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company is unveiling a new cloud-based video recording system that expands the scope of Insys’ offerings beyond commercial OTT media services into broader applications and markets.

Dee Forbes RTE Director General 2 16x9

The IBC Daily 2019: Day 2


Read Saturday’s edition of the IBC Daily online now.

Director of Marketing and Communications Andreas Hilmer introduced the latest V__matrix features and a new low noise frame at IBC2019

Lawo enhances V__matrix

2019-09-13T15:00:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

Significant new features have been announced for V__matrix, Lawo’s software-defined IP core routing and processing platform.

enCaption for radio allows hearing-impaired audiences to consume radio programming

enCaption for radio debuted

2019-09-13T14:10:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

ENCO comes to IBC with new features for its enCaption automated captioning systems, including a version designed for radio that is making its European debut.

Remotes: Creatives in the field can access content from any location

Dalet debuts Remote Editing

2019-09-13T10:59:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company is introducing a new remote editing product aimed at media organisations that have extensive, critical in-the-field production needs.

Modern: New standards can be implemented in older units via upgrade

AVT adds answering machine

2019-09-13T09:51:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The company’s latest software release on its MAGIC THipPro telephone hybrid implements a complete answering machine with data privacy features, as well as AES67 via software upgrade.


Facilis Hub serves up significant storage boost


Facilis recently started shipping its new Hub Shared Storage System.

Live News Systems LNS-1

Hold the front page

2019-09-12T11:10:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

The Live News System (LNS) is an operating system from the iO Media Group for newsroom computer systems which allows efficient, real-time communication within the standard MOS protocol.

4 Brainstorm- 1-infinityset_IBC2019_3

InfinitySet takes centre stage on Brainstorm stand


Brainstorm has improved the integration of the Unreal Engine from Epic Games into InfinitySet, giving it “the best integration in the marketplace,” according to commercial director David Alexander.

Embrionix-1      emVIRTU_2MB

Upscaling over IP from Embrionix

2019-09-10T15:43:00+01:00By Mark Hallinger

A range of software-defined ( ST 2110) IP conversion and processing equipment is being showcased, including the emVIRTU IP-to-IP Media Processing Platform for converting HD up to UHD.

1 Scality-1

Scality’s Ring8 handles advanced data management


Scality’s new Ring8 is a software-defined system that handles large-scale, on-premises storage of unstructured data.

1. Telestream

Telestream announces 25GE network support for PRISM


At IBC2019, Telestream will showcase major new functionality in its PRISM media processing platform.

3. Rohde _ Schwarz-2

Virtualised monitoring, extended storage and HDR support


Rohde & Schwarz’s first virtualised product, Prismon.cloud, a fully cloud-based monitoring-as-a-service, is now being extended across more EU countries.

5. DirectOut-2    editorial-02-prodigy-mp-plain

DirectOut to showcase Prodigy.MP


The Prodigy.MP multifunction audio processor ensures maximum flexibility in both hardware and software, combining the modular design of the Prodigy series with powerful FPGA-based DSP and SRC capabilities, according to DirectOut.

7. Lynx-2   HDR-Evie-Split-Screen

greenMachine platform enhanced


A new suite of HDR processing and conversion solutions for the greenMachine platform will be on display on the Lynx Technik stand at IBC2019.

8 Kontron-1

Preparing for 5G with Kontron


Video delivery specialist Kontron is introducing specialised hardware form factors.

1 amdocs

Amdocs acquires TTS wireless to expand 5G capabilities


Amdocs has acquired TTS Wireless, a privately-owned provider of mobile network engineering services, specialising in network optimisation, planning and software-enabled solutions.

Chart - IABM buying trends

Have your say in the industry’s future - be part of the IABM Buying Trends Survey


The IABM is seeking input from broadcast and media executives around the world for the IBC2019 edition of its widely referenced Buying Trends Report.

7 Tedial

Julian Fernández-Campón named as Tedial CTO


Tedial has announced that Julian Fernández-Campón has been promoted to chief technology officer, effective immediately.


EdgeLock SE050 family new from NXP


NXP Semiconductors has announced availability of its EdgeLock SE050 Plug & Trust Secure Element (SE) family to secure Industrial 4.0 and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications – from edge to cloud.


Primestream to highlight solutions for removing limits and unleashing creativity


At IBC2019, Primestream will present a series of new and improved features and functions within its toolset to help customers deal with increasingly complex issues including changes to technology, workflow and business opportunities.


Stage Tec agrees partnership in China


Following sales growth in China, Berlin-based manufacturer Stage Tec has entered into a partnership with ACE (Advanced Communication Equipment [International] Company Ltd) in the country.


Sony and Nevion partner for IP solutions


Sony and Nevion have formed a strategic partnership in IP-based solutions for broadcasters and other industries.


RING8 new from Scality


Scality has released RING8, a software-defined solution for large-scale on-premises storage of unstructured data.

3 Avid

Avid updates MediaCentral platform


Avid has announced MediaCentral 2019, the next generation of the media workflow platform for TV news, sports and post-production operations.

8 Kontron

​Kontron acquires mainboard business from Fujitsu


Kontron S&T AG has signed an asset deal with Fujitsu Technology Solutions to acquire the Augsburg-based Fujitsu industrial mainboard business.

Gates Air

GatesAir to upgrade Nova transmission sites


GatesAir has won a contract with Nova Entertainment in Australia to upgrade six FM radio transmission sites within the continent.


Sonnet adds Red Mini-Mag Thunderbolt 3 card reader


Sonnet Technologies has expanded its family of professional media readers with the addition of the SF3 Series – Red Mini-Mag Pro Card Reader.


Tedial to launch Smartlive Multi Sport at IBC2019


Tedial will be unveiling significant new features to its sports and live events solution Smartlive at IBC2019.


Amagi announces UHD playout on AWS


Following its showcase at NAB 2019, Amagi has announced the launch of the Cloudport UHD playout platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling broadcasters to playout UHD content directly from AWS cloud.


SAN systems scale up


Starline is set to offer data centre users two new Scale-Out SAN systems based around Ceph, a unified, distributed storage system designed for performance, reliability and scalability.

Macnica AVoIP Module

Macnica Technology introduces MPA1000 AV over IP module


Macnica Technology has revealed its new MPA1000 AV over IP module.

Primestream mediaio desktop photo

Information overload: The growing expectations of MAM systems


Broadcasters are dealing with greater volumes and types of content all the time – meaning ‘shopping lists’ for media asset management systems are becoming increasingly precise

cobalt kit

Cobalt Digital delivers transport flexibility


Among the new products set to be showcased on the Cobalt Digital stand are the 9992-ENC HEVC encoder and 9992-DEC decoder for openGear frames.

Avid S6 Muse I4A8388

NGA and new delivery: defining audio post workflows


The call to deliver content in more formats, the continued rise of immersive and object-based audio, and the prospect of further loudness recommendations are among the issues making fresh demands on the tools used audio post.

baseball in action

New lessons in localisation


The growth in OTT platforms has boosted demand for the localisation and regionalisation of content. And the cloud is proving to be a terrific enabler, writes David Davies.

streaming movie piracy torrent

Piracy: How broadcasters are confronting the threat


Streaming piracy poses arguably the greatest threat – in both economic and technological terms – confronting broadcasters today. David Davies finds out how vendors are helping their customers to stay one step ahead of the pirates.

Cantemo Application Pic

Managing metadata: Moving deeper into the maze


Metadata has evolved dramatically in recent years, from straightforward descriptions to supporting complex usage in today’s asset management systems. Now AI promises a great leap forwards.